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Monday, 19 March 2012

Sibuk..sibuk..sibuk dan sibuk


Seriously, time is running. Sometime i need to ignore that what i want to do. Terpaksa pentingkan yang lebih penting daripada keseronokan. sibuk ditempat kerja dan sibuk dengan thesis yang banyak ragam. thesis tak banyak ragam tapi....yang banyak ragam. If no idea he said us to think think and think untill i lost all idea before. Now i has one more week to make draf proposal and submit for him. Aarrggghhh!!!! i need someone that can give me moral support but now i need to stand up with my own to handle mylife. To separate between need and want. yes i need to motivate myself that i'm here/born to be a success person in the future!!!!

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